Live taught COURSES

A great option for those looking for more in-depth & engaged learning!

Career Roadmap

Feeling like you’re stumbling in the dark trying to guide your homeschooler towards a career they'll love?

Our Career Roadmap program is your flashlight! This hybrid course, blending self-paced learning with live, interactive sessions, promises not just a deep dive into career exploration but a fun, engaging adventure that connects your child with a supportive community and industry professionals.

It’s the holistic approach to career readiness you’ve been searching for. Ready to light up the path to your child’s future career?

Adulting 101

Wondering if your homeschooler is ready to tackle the real world with the confidence of a seasoned adult?

Dive into our Adulting 101 programs, where mastering the art of 'adulting' becomes an enjoyable journey, not a daunting task! From managing finances with flair to skillfully navigating daily life challenges, our courses are peppered with practical wisdom, fun-loving support, and real-life strategies.

Imagine transforming your teen through learning experiences that prepare your child for their future. Excited to see your thrive thrive in life after high school?

College Made Easy

Feeling overwhelmed trying to decode the college admission maze for your homeschooler?

This is your roadmap to navigating the twists and turns of the college process with ease and confidence. From the critical steps of choosing a major and selecting the right college to mastering admissions, financial aid, and scholarships, we've got you covered.

We go beyond the acceptance letter, guiding your teen on how to thrive during college and succeed after graduation. It's the comprehensive guide you've been waiting for, that's engaging for your teen.

So You Wanna Be An Entrepreneur?

Are your homeschoolers dreaming of turning their brilliant ideas into booming businesses?

This is their launchpad to success! This immersive course is designed to take teens from the spark of idea validation, through the nuts and bolts of building a solid business foundation, straight to the thrilling moment of launch.

With a blend of live instruction, engaging projects, and real-world insights, we equip your teen with the tools they need to navigate the entrepreneurial journey successfully.

Ready to take your teen's ideas from dream to reality?

Career Ready Teens

Navigating the leap from teen years to professional life can feel like venturing into uncharted waters without a map.

Enter "Career Ready Teens" - your compass to career confidence! This course is the ultimate toolkit for any teen ready to dive into the job market.

Covering essential skills from job searches to nailing interviews, we make sure your teen doesn't just enter the workforce—they make an entrance. Imagine them mastering resumes, cover letters, and networking like pros, transforming daunting tasks into achievable goals.

Ready to give your teen the competitive edge they need in today's job world?

College Made Easy

Ever wish there was a finance class that taught your teen the REAL skills they need to navigate the world of money?

Meet Money Smart for Teens, our dynamic, live-taught financial literacy course where your child learns more than just saving and spending.

This interactive adventure dives deep into everything from budgeting brilliance to investment insights, equipping your teen with the financial savvy needed for real-world success.

Imagine your teen confidently managing their finances, all before stepping out into adulthood. Ready to empower your teen with money smarts that last a lifetime?

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