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We offer specialised programs to help teenagers and young adults navigate the transition into adulthood with minimal difficulty. We have helped thousands of kids find a solid path towards a fulfilling career, equipping with the necessary life skills and providing the essential college prep tools and assistance.

The Reality...

Navigating life, college, and career choices can be overwhelming for Christian families.

The Solution...

At Adulting University, we simplify the journey, offering tailored programs for Christian homeschool and traditional families.


At Adulting University, we believe in helping teens and families in three core areas...

Comprehensive College Support

Navigating the college application process can feel overwhelming. Adulting University provides a supportive framework to guide teens and families through every step.

Career Guidance Rooted In Faith

Discerning one's life's calling is a deeply personal journey. Adulting University integrates faith-based values with career exploration to guide students toward meaningful careers.

Life Skills for Purposeful Living

Easing into early adult responsibilities and relationships can seem daunting. Adulting University equips teens with life skills that are essential in preparing for thriving, balanced life.


Lori C.

HS Senior

I learned many new things, such as how to start off my adult life smart, healthy, and right. I learned almost all the things my school neglected to tell me, which will save my future! I think the experience was totally worth the time and effort!

Jenna H.

College Senior

Our group was lucky enough to spend 2 weeks with Traci! Our members were taught the most important life -skills & adulting tips! Such an amazing experience. Thank you so much! Fully recommend this service for anyone & everyone, specifically great for young adults.

Carrie M.

Parent of HS Senior

My son's college plans changed last minute! Luckily, Traci came to the rescue in February with graduation just around the corner in May! We hammered out scholarships and a career path. Amazing scholarship + future plan = win! Wouldn't have done it without, Traci!

Common FAQs about Career Coaching

My teen is unsure about their career path. How can your career coaching services help?

Our career coaching services are designed to guide teens through self-discovery, helping them uncover their strengths, interests, and potential career paths. Through personalized sessions, we provide clarity and create a roadmap for their unique journey.

What makes your career coaching different from other services?

Our career coaching is personalized and tailored to each teen's individual needs. We focus on not only identifying their strengths but also providing actionable steps for their specific career goals. Our commitment is to guide them toward a purposeful and fulfilling future.

How will you help my teen if they are nervous about interviews or networking?

Our Interview and Networking Prep Package is designed to equip teens with the skills and confidence needed for interviews and networking. Through personalized coaching, we address their fears, provide practical tips, and conduct mock interviews to enhance their performance.

My teen doesn't want to go to college. Can your coaching help explore alternative paths?

Absolutely. Our Gap Year Planning and Exploration package is tailored to explore alternative paths beyond traditional college routes. We work with your teen to identify meaningful experiences, skill-building opportunities, and goals for a productive gap year.

Can you help my teen build a resume or portfolio?

Certainly. Our Resume Building and Portfolio Development package provides hands-on assistance in crafting effective resumes and portfolios. We focus on showcasing their skills, achievements, and unique qualities to stand out in various applications.

How do I know which career coaching package is right for my teen?

We offer a free consultation where our experts assess your teen's needs, concerns, and aspirations. Based on this discussion, we recommend the most suitable 1-1 Career Package that aligns with their goals and ensures a positive and transformative experience.

What if my teen doesn't have any specific career interests yet?

Our Career Discovery Package is specifically designed for teens who are exploring their interests and haven't yet identified a clear career path. Through a series of assessments and guided discussions, we help them discover their passions and potential career directions.

Are there any guarantees that my teen will find the perfect career through your coaching?

While we cannot guarantee specific career outcomes, our coaching services are designed to empower teens with the tools and guidance needed to make informed decisions about their future. We focus on the journey of self-discovery and skill development that will serve them well in any career.

Do you offer any financial assistance or scholarships for your coaching services?

We understand the importance of accessibility. While we currently do not offer financial assistance or scholarships, we are committed to providing affordable and valuable services. Feel free to discuss specific financial concerns during your free consultation, and we'll explore options to support your teen.

How often do coaching sessions take place, and what is the duration of each session?

The frequency and duration of coaching sessions depend on the selected package and the individual needs of your teen. During the free consultation, we will discuss and establish a schedule that best fits their goals and availability.

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