parent support program

A partnership between Adulting University & Dare to Parent

Parents, we didn't forget about you! We know that as a parent you want to be able to help your student with things like...

  • Career exploration & planning
  • Helping them get career ready
  • Helping them navigate the college process
  • Find scholarships & employment opportunities
  • Be responsible & make good decisions
  • Learn how to manage money
  • How to handle those difficult teen years
  • Have a healthy relationship with each other & your teen
  • And so much more!

And we can help!

We know some of you want to be able to...

  • Take the reins and do it yourself
  • Know the process
  • Be the expert
  • DIY the experience

And we can help! We have heard you, your cries, your frustrations.

That's why we created our parent support subscription...

How to Raise the Next Gen!

what is it?

A monthly subscription that gives you access to a specialized & focused weekly newsletter. Where we help you, help your tween or teen.

Get the education, resources, tools, and more to create a healthy relationship w/your child, and prepare them for what comes next.

who is it for?

This subscription is for Parents of tweens & teens who are ready to...

  • Take control
  • Take action
  • Create healthy relationships
  • And raise successful adults

what do i get?

With this subscription you get:

  • Exclusive training & videos
  • Exclusive interviews with relevant experts
  • Blogs & articles
  • Resources, tools, and handouts
  • Quarterly live virtual Q&As

this program is a partnership between

We have partnered up to support parents everywhere to make sure their child is as successful as possible, and that parents get the help, resources, and tools they need to not feel helpless in their student's life, but to shine.

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