all self-paced online courses with two delivery options available

Individual Courses

These are our individual courses that can be purchased on their own for students. We also have workbooks that can be bundled with the course for maximum learning!

Course Subscription

This is our online university where students get access to all of our courses & curriculum for a monthly fee. Great for those who want access to all learning & resources!

Who Are They For?

  • Teens & young adults ages 15 - 26
  • Families who homeschool teenagers
  • Students in public school who don't mind online
  • College age students who want to do life right
  • Students with a tight budget who need guidance or help

What Topics Do We Cover?

  • Career (exploration, planning, and readiness)
  • College (exploration, admissions, scholarships/financial aid, maximizing experience)
  • Adulting (finances, car maintenance, communication, and so much more!)

Curriculum options comparison

See side-by-side the features of individual courses, and the three tiers of subscriptions available for students.

Individual Courses


our online subscription for students

your adulting playbook

your entire playbook for #adulting success!

This subscription service is where you will find DIY courses & curriculum to help you with all aspects of your career, your college journey (should you decide to go), and skills we think are essential to know before going out into the adult world.

You will get all of the knowledge, resources, and support you need to be successful as an adult. And you can stay as long or as little as you like. It is a month-to-month subscription!

What You Get:


  • Direct access to our founder & other experts
  • Q&A sessions 1-2x a month
  • Office hours with our founder*


  • Connect with other teens from all over
  • Private groups based around topics like college
  • Find your people & host study groups & more!


  • Private news feed to access resources, tools, and advice
  • Special guest appearances & lives
  • Access to all of our courses both existing & new*

Exclusives & Discounts

  • Priority access to new programs & offerings
  • Priority access to new courses (get them before anyone else)*
  • Discounts & specials on 1-1 services, our shop, and more!*

*only for Success Level Subscription and above


"I loved Traci and what she had to say about Career pathways. She is intelligent and wonderful. I believe she loves what she does and I personally can tell she cares for others. She leaves a mark for sure ! Definitely inspirational."

-Kazia R. HS Senior

our individual courses for students

your success courses

courses for every aspect of life!


Career Exploration

Not sure what you want to do when you grow up? This is your course!

Want to make sure you pick the right career? This is your course!


Career Planning

Know the career you want to go into, but not sure how to get there? This is your course!

Learn the options that exist & make the right decision for you!


Scholarships 101

Going to college? Want to avoid student loan debt? This is your course!

Learn everything there is to know about scholarships!


Financial Foundations

Want to learn the basics to personal finances? This is your course!

Learn everything there is to know about the basics of finance including banking, credit, savings and more!


Financial Intermediate

Ready for the next level of personal finances? This is your course!

Learn everything there is to know about personal finances including insurance, retirement/investing, and more!


Car maintenance

Have a car? Not sure how to take care of that car? Or know what to do when it breaks down? This is your course!

Learn everything about preventative maintenance and basic car repairs!

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