ambassador program



Opportunities that students can participate in based on their strengths

Social Media Management

TikTok & Instagram

Marketing & Sales

Marketing materials, Promotional items, Word of Mouth marketing & sales

Program Development

New programs, Workshop ideas, etc.


For our nonprofit Adulting 101


Event ideas, Event planning, Event volunteer


what is the ambassador program?

Ambassadors are individuals who represent a brand, country, etc. They help grow awareness, customers, and more. Our ambassador program is that and much more!

This is a program that is designed for students to represent our Adulting University brand, gain real-world experience, gain volunteer hours, and find their group. Think of it like an ambassador program combined with an internship!

Designed similar to a student organization students will meet regularly, both in-person & virtually, there will be expectations/requirements to remain in the program, but it will be both fun and rewarding!

We created this program because we want to create a community of students that we can pour into, but that also help grow Adulting University. We want their voice in our programs and our outreach, and we want them to be successful. This program is designed to be a partnership that is mutually beneficial.

If interested, students should fill out our application and we will be in touch to schedule a time to chat more with them to give them the details, expectations, requirements, and make sure that it will be mutually beneficial before being officially accepted.



In order to participate in our Ambassador Program students must meet the following requirements

Between Ages 15-24

Be Able to Commit to at Least 12 Months

Have a Passion to Make a Difference

Meet Attendance Requirements

Willing to Get Out of Their Comfort Zone

Willing to Grow and Be Coached

Can Take Charge & Run With Things


who is eligible to participate in this program?

This program is beyond beneficial to the students involved in it, we will actually talk about benefits in the next section. However, we are looking for very specific students to be part of our Ambassador Program.

Students have to meet requirements, maintain attendance to our meetings & outings, be willing to push themselves and to get out of what they feel is their comfort zone.

We are a business, and our business goal for this program is to bring the teen/young adult's voice into our programs, get their thoughts, ideas & opinions, but also have them spread awareness about our brand to other teens & young adults.

Ambassadors will be required to refer students into our programs including workshops and courses as part of the program. We will give them everything they need for this, and host fun competitions with awesome prizes!


Student Benefits:

There are a number of benefits that our ambassadors get for participating in this program. They include the following

Access to Our Programs at No Cost

Mentorship & Connections

Recommendations & Resume Building

One-on-One Coaching w/Our Founder

Experience & Personal Growth

Social Outings & Events

Service Project Experience & Volunteer Hours

Relationship Building

Swag & Fun

Opportunity for Future Employment w/Adulting University


what do ambassadors get for being involved?

We know that we have high expectations and requirements for this program. Students can not just sign-up and do nothing or they will be removed from the program. However, that is why we are giving above and beyond what they do as a thank you for their dedication & hard work.

Our ambassadors will get access to our entire online subscription for no cost for as long as they stay in the program. They get direct access to our founder as mentor, coach, and resource to help them with their own personal journey.

They get access to our plethora or industry experts, college reps, etc. They get real world experience on running a small business, marketing, sales, event, graphic design, relationship development, and so much more!

They get quarterly social outings where we take them to do something fun like bowling, going to the arcade, going on a retreat, etc. to make sure that this is not only professionally fulfilling, but fun and enjoyable.

They will be exposed to networking with other professionals, connections with influential people, resume building activities including volunteer hours, and so much more!

Not to mention they all get fun swag, new friends, and a place to call their own. And they get all of this just for showing up and meeting the expectations we have.



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