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Adulting Survival Kit Subscription

This is our quarterly kit subscription for teens & young adults. We deliver an amazing box of goodies that every new adult needs right to your door. The average value of our kits is over $200!

Specialized Kits

These are kits you can purchase individually as a one-time purchase. They are great for teens as well as young adults. Check out some of our suggestions on using them below!

These kits make great...

  • Graduation gifts (both high school & college)
  • Birthday gifts
  • Milestone gifts (drivers license, off to college, wedding, new house, etc.)
  • Practical & essential purchases for young adults

our individual courses for students

specialized kits

courses for every aspect of life!

Kits marked with an (*) are part of our Adulting Survival Kit Subscription as well!

These kits will be available during certain times of the year. Click the "Learn More" button under each kit to learn more about that kit!

College Survival Kit

Our College Survival Kit is everything that a college student needs for college.

This includes books, supplies, stress relief, hygiene, snacks, lock box and more!

Ordering Window OPENS:

February 15, 2023

Essential Car Kit*

Our Essential Car Kit is what every driver needs to make sure they are safe on the road!

This kit includes tools, emergency supplies, and so much more!

Ordering Window CLOSES:

August 30, 2022

Self-Care Kit for girls

Our Self-Care Kit includes an array of things to help young ladies practice self-care.

This includes stress relief products, journals, wellness and more!!

Ordering Window OPENS:

January 1, 2023

Self-Defense Kit*

Our Self-Defense Kit helps teens & young adults stay safe in their everyday world.

This includes tactical flashlights, door locks, defense weapons, and more!

Ordering Window OPENS:

October 1, 2022

Survival Kit

Our Survival Kit is perfect for avid campers, travelers, and adventurers.

This includes tools, emergency supplies, safety gear, weapons, and more!

Ordering Window OPENS:

June 15, 2023

Travel Kit*

Have a car? Not sure how to take care of that car? Or know what to do when it breaks down? This is your course!

Learn everything about preventative maintenance and basic car repairs!

Ordering Window OPENS:

May 1, 2023

All of our kits are made with supplies purchased from small or local businesses. We are all about supporting small businesses just like ours, so you will get amazing quality things in our kits and help support an array of small businesses around the US!

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